The Gig Economy by Cecilia Sepp, Principal & Founder

The Gig Economy is a new way of working. Some commentators say it’s affecting older people more than others for the usual reasons: ageism, a belief that younger people understand technology organically, and experience (or older people) equals higher costs.

I don’t necessarily agree with this explanation although I’m a believer that the Gig Economy is here to stay.

Why? Because I’ve been saying for years that one day none of us will be employees in the traditional sense of the word. It’s my belief that we will all eventually become independent contractors and attach ourselves to projects as needed.

I think the Gig Economy is driven by the way we live now — whether we want to acknowledge that or not — and the falling away of traditional ways of doing things. I think the future is exciting because this shift will bring us more freedom to work across specialties, expand our networks, and most importantly, provide the best options for clients that need support.

This is what inspired the Rogue Tulips model, and I’m excited to bring together a great network of some of the best and brightest in the 501c consulting world.

Our network covers the major domains of 501c management. It fuels the engine of collaboration, the most powerful tool humans have to excel and succeed. Rogue Tulips brings together experience, knowledge, expertise, and our own professional networks. We will build the unique team each client needs to help them thrive and succeed.

The Gig Economy is a new way of doing business and requires a new way of thinking. We have a model that serves the new economy well.

Let’s talk. Maybe it’s time for you to Go Rogue.