New Name. Timeless Experience.

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About Rogue Tulips LLC

New Name. Timeless Experience.

What’s in a name? If it’s chosen well, quite a lot. Because behind the name Rogue Tulips LLC is a story.

When the founder and Principal, Cecilia Sepp, moved into her current home she noticed during the first spring a nice surprise: yellow tulips growing in a flower bed on the southern side of the house. These returned the next year as well.

The third year in the house, Cecilia looked out the window of her dining room on the northern side of the house and noticed – yellow tulips. Growing in the lawn. Outside the flower box.

She jokingly called these “rogue tulips” because they had left the flower box and grew where they wanted. These tulips identified a new way to grow by “blooming outside the box.”

This is the inspiration for Rogue Tulips LLC.

It is our passion to find what works for our clients – not create retreads of what has been done before or follow “the conventional wisdom” or even use “best practices.” Why?

The mission of Rogue Tulips LLC is to find inspired solutions to the unique challenges facing our clients in the 21st Century. We do this by collaborating with clients to create the unique solution leading to organizational success.

As a virtual company, Rogue Tulips LLC can tap into the best and the brightest of the 501c organization consulting world and bring you a team designed specifically for your project. Our network includes experienced 501c consultants that embody our commitment to the Seven Pillars of Success:

  • Professionalism

  • Value Proposition

  • Partner Synergy

  • Growth

  • Talent Management

  • Innovation

  • Enterprise Collaboration

Our vision is to support the creation of a thriving and successful 501c community.

All organizations should be able to grow in the best way possible. Rogue Tulips LLC is here to help you do just that. Let us help you find your place in the sun.

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