Rogue Tulips LLC

Our vision is to support the creation of a thriving and successful 501c community.


All 501c organizations are unique. We help you grow with that in mind.

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Bloom — and operate—outside the box

It is our passion to find what works for our clients – not create retreads of what has been done before or follow “the conventional wisdom” or even use “best practices.” Why? Because what worked for someone else won’t necessarily work for your organization. And what your organization is doing now might no longer work in the current environment.

Cultivate the right team at the right time

As a virtual company, Rogue Tulips LLC can tap into the best and the brightest of the 501c organization consulting world and bring you a team designed specifically for your project. Our vision is to bring the highest quality consulting support to as many 501c organizations as possible for a reasonable rate.

Distinctive Projects

Need something that doesn’t come along all the time, or doesn’t fit neatly into the organizational chart? Give us a call and let our network of Rogues develop the on-point plan that will deliver what you need.