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501c Consulting

501c organizations are complex organisms. Let Rogue Tulips LLC prepare an individualized plan for your organization that includes the experienced team members that can give you what you need when you need it. Our consulting services keep your organization moving towards its goals and helps you stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

It all starts with The Member Experience: models, marketing, recruitment/retention, value proposition, and more. But then how do you help your association continue to thrive?
We provide services that support all your 501c needs including:

  • Strategy development and planning

  • Component (chapter) relations

  • Government Relations and Advocacy

  • Communications and Marketing

  • Social Media and Digital Strategy

  • Governance and Leadership Development

  • Meetings/event planning

  • Research needs - quantitative and qualitative (surveys, focus groups, interviews)

Corporate partnerships

501c organizations have many ideas but can struggle to find the resources to support them. Rogue Tulips LLC can help design a program to create and curate Corporate Partnerships that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Building a corporate support program provides long-term stability and provides essential resources for achieving the mission.

Association Management

From new, smaller 501c organizations to well-established multi-tiered entities, Rogue Tulips LLC can provide association management services to fit every need, budget, and size. We are experts in component/chapter relations and we can offer your local networks support to help them thrive and survive. From outsourcing a single position to overall daily operations over the long term, our experienced team can support your mission and vision.

Component Support

Local Chapters and Affiliates are encouraged to talk with us! We can support your goals and help you stay on mission delivering value where your members live.

Recruitment Support

Need help recruiting for your team or your C-Suite? Let’s talk. Our network of consultants includes experienced senior people who know how to find the right fit. Our fees are negotiated based on your unique needs, so your budget doesn’t take an extra hit to build the team you need.

Special Projects

Need something that doesn’t come along all the time, or doesn’t fit neatly into the organizational chart? Give us a call and let our network of Rogues develop the on-point plan that will deliver what you need. 

Let’s get to know each other and find out how we can work together. Use this easy form to get in touch.

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